The Spectrashell™ Passport Case design is a careful balance of security and ease-of-use. The Spectrashell™ Passport Case is made from high quality ABS plastic, formulated for just the right amount of strength and flexibility. Why did we choose a raised hexagonal grid pattern? It looks pretty sharp but there’s more to it. he raised hex grid not only helps you keep a good grip, it also enhances structural integrity while retaining flexibility. This flexibility is critical to the Spectrashell™ Passport Case design.


The clasp shuts very tightly so it can survive the elements and substantial physical abuse (like being dropped from a moving vehicle). To open the case, first, grip the case as shown and push the clasp with both thumbs. Next, open the case from the top corner. With your passport safely secured, squeeze the case to reduce the air pressure inside. This pressure differential tightens the gasket seal and provides even more protection against liquids. That’s exactly why we designed the case with a limber arc and hex grid reinforcement. This unique, hex-grid texture also helps you locate your passport when you’ re fumbling though your belongings or when the lights go out. We didn’t cover our case with a gimmicky rubber grip coating. That stuff is hard to clean, tends to wear off easily and gets sticky. The hex grid provides more than enough grip and is very easy to clean. Your passport isn’t just any old document—it’s your way home. And that's too valuable to trust to a plastic bag. Spectrashell™ Passport Cases are available in 4 charming colors: Carbide Gray, Claret Red, Coral Dust and Celestial Blue.