These days, customs agents don’t fool around when it comes to damaged passports. An enjoyable trip can instantly turn into a nightmare if your passport is considered invalid. How much damage makes a passport invalid? It depends which country and how much the customs agent likes you. With the Spectrashell™ Passport Case, you won’t ever have to find out. We created this case because we heard so many travel horror stories—people getting stuck at the border with a damaged passport. We were shocked to discover that there were no water resistant passport cases available anywhere. We got to work right away, designing a case as thin and strong as possible—not only protective against water but anything else that tries to get at your passport and ruin your trip.  The Spectrashell™ Passport Case is water-resistant. You shouldn’t go diving with it, but it’ll protect your passport from storms, spills and puddle drops. Spectrashell™ Information on the other pages is coming soon on your side, the next time you’re rushing to the airport in a downpour, there’ll be one less thing you need to worry about.


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